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    @Joel @Joel @Joel

    Dark Shroud is suppose to work on dark heroes, correct?

    Drakk copied Dark Shroud buf (that's ok according to Pillage skill description)

    Abigail copied Dark Shroud (that's ok according to Pillage skill description)

    Both are IMMUNE to silence (really ???)

    Full video:

    I had 15+ streak again and lost due to this bug. Guys, honestly stop printing new heroes, fix bugs first.

    P.S. Where is my compensation?

  • Any bug here?

    all the words seem to be wrong...
  • @Joel any news about the buff/debuff symbol bugs? It's just two symbols displayed now and they are mostly changing from round to round, when more than two buffs are applied. I always have to check it manually now by tapping the specific hero. It's really annoying! Can you please fix this/change it back to normal?
  • danac wrote: »

    all the words seem to be wrong...

    They are in italian :D
    but Iris jumped in front of Hansuke (instead remaining at her place), and then received 0 damage on all Hansuke attacks :neutral:

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