Passive Ability Limit Breaker?

I just want to know can certain passive ability go over the limit like the Agile ability?( Since the dodge% is 25) For example since the Agile ability can have a 25% dodge chance to range attack, can I give my Lupina an elusive rune that has a 5% chance of dodging general things and can I expect a total of 30% dodge chance for range attack?


  • Or I’m just wrong?
  • Lupina would have 5% dodge from melee attacks and ~29% dodge from ranged.

    You can go above the passive thresholds with team passives, Rune 4th stats and passives that only affect certain types of attacks. However they are calculated mutiplicatively, not additively.
  • Let me restart my question, since the limit is 25% dodge chance in the stats and since Lupina’s Agile ability is 25% dodge against range attack it’s already at its limit, but what I’m asking is can the rune stack up with the ability? So I get Lupina dodge chance to let say 10% through runes and get Lupina get attacked(I.e. through range attack) can the rune stack up with her ability and for argument sake, get a total of 30% chance of dodging that range attack
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    Lupina’s agile passive is multiplicatively added to her dodge stat. If your Lupina had maxed 25% dodge, then her dodge for ranged attacks would be ~44%.

    It stacks multiplicatively ie 1-(.75x.75)=.4375
  • Ooh, thanks.
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