How can i change my in-game name?

I can't change my name, i am blocked and i don't know how to resolve it!! My name is User 14... and i can't change it, please help me to resolve it!


  • SyavanSyavan Member
    If you're german, it's glitched. Change the language first before setting your name then change it back. If you still can't get it, submit a ticket to customer support and they should be able to help you out.
  • _BuK0__BuK0_ Member
    I can't do nothing, i press "submit a request" after doing it i chose the issue and it happends nothing...
  • SyavanSyavan Member
    You'll want to select "account issue" in the drop list and fill in the form that appears. Just ignore the "submit a request" link.
  • _BuK0__BuK0_ Member
    I did!! I did!! But anything happends!
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