Event Hero rune

I bought the 50,000 token event rune and got the wrong thing. I would like to know if I am going to get the right rune (life steals 10% damage dealt) or if I am stuck with the chance to life steal rune? If I I am stuck with the chance to life steal rune I would like a ticket refund. I am not in a rush to get my tickets back but would appreciate a reply so I understand what’s going on. Sorry if I sounded angry.


  • They are in the process of reworking many rune 4th stats. The rune in the shop IS a vampiric rune, but vampiric runes will change to proc EVERY time up to 10%.
  • This is also a pretty solid rune, with double attack. I'm pretty sure regular vampric runes don't come with that. With the new rune changes, this rune will be VERY strong on agnon.
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