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Hello all,

I have a basic question, I made the newbie mistake of leveling everyone 1 had, not even considering a team. So now I am level 35, spent a crap of gold and dont have a strong team. I have been unlucky in portal pulls, so really just have the. Basics with the exception of Aria.

What is a good strong team and how to get them.?

Any help is great.


  • I think you won't have all heroes avaiable ... so focus one team you can combinate and their heroes can profite because of their synergies.
    For example a dark team (synergies with shade ... Or zomm) may work for some ... also assassins (MK BD SB Sifu/Emily) can be great ...
    At lower lvls you need to take a look what you have and how to use/combinate best.
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    save gems and wait for event in the portal to get your specific hero.

    look at your celestial evos save them. u should set your mind for endgame heroes so don't use ur celestial to ascend except for heroes that u think have potential. regular evo relatively easy to get so u can use them to ascend some heroes that don't require celest evo

    utilize event tickets or calendar door. they have a lot of the best hero token, good runes, etc

    try to slow down levelling a bit and only raid selection of dungeon that can give u token of decent heroes

    for best team well, they are relative. just check out this forum at hero spotlight or my dungeon for refernce of good endgame team don;t forget to check on the wiki as well
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  • Cowfi5h wrote: » We are very helpful. Also, ignore Wolf.

    And Dave. :P
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