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    Gotcha. Handy. Thank you.
    Serve and be happy, citizen. The Computer is your friend!

  • I've been reading all of this and still haven't seen any substantial evidence that shows Valkin and his cronies can be beaten, without a major stroke of luck. I've always maintained that he's massively broken and needs addressing. Guess I'll just have to keep avoiding him in pvp
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    @GlynGuinness Valkin, his epic, Emily, Dagrund and Therand, they all got nerfed since this thread was created.
    But yeah, Valkin is still in the meta, and still kicking. In upper hero power range you see him either with dwarfs and Jin nowadays. Or a lot with Jin, Oak Lily and another legendary like Furnace, Pontifex, Aria.
    Dwarfs you can beat with Ekko, Agnon, Jin, and X (Shade, Lily, Selwyn, ..).
    For the meta teams you need a counter team. Then send Valkin to a place where the sun doesn't shine :naughty:

    (Don't ask me how to beat Reyla or Grondar teams. I skip them :s :wink: )
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