Correcting PVP Matching Discrepancies

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Hey folks,

We have looked into the issue with a few players in PvP getting matched against players that are significantly lower level than they are. This is not the result of a hack or exploit. Due to a fix we recently made related to players not being able to change their name if they were on a different language than English, a very small portion of players found themselves in a cornercase gamestate that confused our matchmaking algorithm. This is not a state that the players have the ability to get out of even if they wanted to, nor is it a state that players could have anticipated and set themselves up to be in.

Earlier today, we manually implemented a makeshift fix that got the two players near the top of the PVP leaderboards out of the bugged state (they are now facing the correct opponents in PVP), and we are now preparing to release a fix that will automatically get all other affected players out of that state. If necessary, we will manually correct any other players that appear on the Boss 100 leaderboard before the automatic fix is implemented.

Given that these players were not hacking or actively manipulating their gamestate, no punitive action will be taken against these players, but acknowledge that they achieved a level of success in PVP that they would not have been able to under normal circumstances. We are currently weighing options on how to ensure that the impact to the final results of the current PVP season are mitigated.
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