Please put Iris in the Aether Shop

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Pleeeease? You put Marrow in the Aether shop after he came out, and Iris is another Monster/Caster just like him!


  • THey did? I had marrow for ages and had to use heroic summons to finish off his stars. I never saw him in the Aether shop before I had him 6*.

    They're going to put Deadloss in the Heroic Summon before we see him or Iris in the Aether shop.
  • Barleyman wrote: »
    They're going to put Deadloss in the Heroic Summon before we see him or Iris in the Aether shop.

    "Deadloss" sounds a little disrespectful, my defense got beaten by him several times, I dont think he is totally of no use, depends if u can put him in the right spot, right team.
  • if your defense got beaten by him your defense sucks. S U C C S. This dude is a new hero(generally) but there are old heroes without reworks that are better than him. I'd use tsume over deadloss anyday.
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    Tsume sounds interesting, enlighten me how u gonna use him beat GT valkin Emily grog, my def.
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  • Deadloss, you say? Sounds like losing, but it’s an extreme loss!

    Iris is very recent, so it’ll be a while until we start seeing her in the Shop, Portals, and such. :/
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  • I call him deadweight
  • We don't even have Agnon yet.

    Deadeye was in the portal, btw.
  • I've been waiting for that, and 6*rred him. Not sure if or when I'll need him, but it's nice to get him 'finished' to 100%, and not stuck at 60%.

    It's such a shame they didn't make Deadbeat the Light Elf leader we'd all been waiting for.
  • If he's in the heroic portal, you're only guaranteed 25 tokens each 10x - that seems like a lot of heroic summons to get him 6 starred?

    (and in the VIP portal you get, what, 10 tokens for 400 gems IF you hit the 1 in 4 chance.)

    Am I missing something obvious?
  • It took me 6 10x summons. I already had Deadend to 5* and some 30-50 tokens from the introductory event.

    With VIP portal summons you're looking at 10 tokens per 1600 gems on average or 160 gems per token, assuming 4 different heroes being offered.

    With Heroic Portal 25 tokens per 2700 gems, or 108 gems per token. Heroic is better value per gem, unless you're within 10 of maxing the hero's stars.

    Plus I'm using reward summons for most of those 10x summons.

    You get 5 summons every time your guild get max weekly rewards, so that's 12 week's maximum reward summons saved up, to get the 6 10x I needed. Actually I did use some gems, but if I was more patient I could have saved some.

    Now saving my weekly guild reward summons for Eyepatch. If she shows up in 12 weeks time I'm laughing.
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