Patch Notes: September 21st, 2018

JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
  • Fixed the Phenol Dominance event quest. We will be sending raid ticket compensation to players today.
  • Fixed Fire Healer Rune purchase for tickets in the event shop. We will be sending compensation runes to players next week.
  • Fixed Ember's Cauterize so it is not adversely impacted by Taunt.
  • Edited event reward payouts so they are not identical at different thresholds.
  • Fixed Takumi's epic so it does not make all of his attacks ignore shields.
  • Added crit reduction details to the description of Grog-Gnog's Strike! ability on his hero card. Similarly, added defense details to Therand's Helmet Missiles and healing numbers to Bauble's IFF Targeting.
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  • Seriously.... if you're gonna patch Takumi patch sifu too. It's only fair.
  • I need epic for Phemus 😢
  • RocksorRocksor Member
    edited September 2018
    @Joel Now you increase the reward for creating runes and tuning them to 2000 event tickets. The rewards were previously 1500 event tickets. For those of us who already completed some of the quests, what's our compensation?

    Edit : So I just noticed that lower level accounts got less rewards for both of those quests, which I don't recall being the case before. My level 57 account only received 1500 tickets for completion of either one of those quests (craft and tune) whereas my level 67 account is showing 2k.

    In order to complete the quests without grinding campaigns, my level 57 could buy the greater binder and shards from the honor store. The 57 alt can buy the greater mats, but the reward for the same amount of effort is significantly less, and would not be fair. Now if the honor store offered improved shards and binders then I can understand why the event ticket rewards for crafting runes and tuning them would be less.
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