A doubt

Hello everyone, I have a little doubt

You see, as you know when you unlock something in dungeon boss does not specify where it is, what it does or how it is used quite well, and here is my question:

Would someone be so kind as to tell me how to get the spheres?

I would feel very grateful, thanks for reading and good evening - days - afternoons.

And I'm sorry if there is an orthographical failure but I speak in Spanish hahaha.


  • You can get the Orbs by completing dungeons in Challenge mode. Also you can buy them in the Aether shop.
  • also you can get them from heroic portal ... collect them and get out a blessing.
    You can find here (quest tab) how many orbs you have collected and how many you will need for another blessing.


    At your hero cards you can choose the option to give the blessing to one of your heroes. But be careful if you have given it once you cannot change it. You will need to collect orbs for another. But playing this game for a while will give you enough for each of your heroes 😉
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