Runes for Chief and Drakk plus runing question

**Warning: Complete Noob alert! :P**

I'm new to the whole runing thing, I used to play puzzle game or survival games. One day I decided to play games like Dungeon Boss so loaded up the game today and been playing off and on all day. Now I'm a little confused on runes...

Two questions:

1) What runes are best for Chief Nub Nub and Drakk? Should I use Health on Chief and Attack on Drakk or something else?

2) How to I know what are the best runes to use on certain monsters? I have a little hard time trying to decide what type of runes (or substats) I should use on which character.

EX: My current team I'm using in both PVP and PVE is Julius, Archangel Emily, Chief Nub Nub and Drakk the Warlord, I want to rune them up but have no clue where to start or what to use on which.


Current Level: 47
Current Team: Lord Zomm, Craw, Hansuke Undying, Shade


  • а че не аби, эмили, балога и драка? синергии больше. Драку надо 3-4 на атаку(1 вампиризм), 1-2 руну хила, со статами брони, идеально когда он плотный и набирает 5 стаков с 60-50% хп, бьет как паровоз и хилится, не убить вообщем.
  • There is no correct build. It depends on how you plan to use any character.

    The general rule of thumb is to go attack in red and green slots and defense in blue and yellow, with purple being your wildcard. Most people refer to builds as two numbers (5-0, 4-1, 3-2, 2-3, 1-4, or 0-5). The first is the number of attack runes, second is the number of defense runes. They always add up to 5 since you can only have 5 runes per hero.

    For secondary stats, it is usually best if you can get attack runes with defense, or defense runes with attack. However, these are only available in limited supplies and cannot be crafted. For attack runes, you generally want damage as the secondary (most heroes will max crit easily). For defense runes, health and DR are about equal for secondary stats. Dodge is situational and I would not recommend it in this current dwarf meta. Skill is also situational, but can be valuable on the correct heroes.

    The main difference between builds are fourth stat bonuses. Since you are new, you probably do not have many choices. For Draxx, I would recommend the runes with chance for extra bonus attack. This is because Draxx does multiple basic attacks depending on his rage stacks. Each basic attack has a chance to trigger a bonus attack. Therefore, if you have 5 stacks of rage, and 5 stacks of extra attack at 20% each, you will guarantee 11 hits per turn. I would go 5-0 or 4-1 with him and rely on his unbridled rage passive for survivability. For Nub, I would go 2-3 with skill as my secondary stat on the two green runes (skill increases his healing and the amount of stat increases from his buffs). He would also do well with an unbreakable heart rune in blue (all slow heroes need one) and a Guardian for defense in yellow.
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    @Deviljhons - Sorry I have no clue what you said.

    @echonap - Thank you so much, that really helped me out :). I know in some other games I play (similar to Dungeon Boss) they have specific builds, I guess I thought it was the same for Dungeon Boss. Thanks again for the help.

    Current Level: 47
    Current Team: Lord Zomm, Craw, Hansuke Undying, Shade
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