Tower of Pwnage improves! Fond Igrok memories

So, I tend to lost when I need help or occasionally to complain a bit. I've been pleased to see the Tower is not insanely runed up level 65 Barb and beast teams slaughtering my level 75 FA teams. I actually made it to the 7th floor today! I fondly remember beating the tower every day, about 18 months ago, pre rune system. But, still an improvement! I haven't beaten the tower since June of this year, so maybe by Christmas? LOL. The tower is the only aspect of this game that has driven both my kid and myself to literally rage quit DB! Still love DB, only deep mobile gaming experience that has held my ADD grown-up attention and my now nearly ten year olds attention for close on three years! My kiddo will be eleven in December, but I vividly remember giving him a ten-X summon for his with b-day. This was BITD when you weren't guaranteed a specific hero unlock. He wanted Igorok SO badly....he got materials tokens and unlocked Executum, Phenol, Zurk and then....Igorok! Wish I had a video of him jumping up and down in joy, but he was using my phone for the summon! It was an awful day for me, his mom and I aren't together, on anything and there were lots of "cold prickly" feelings between the adults that day. Seeing the little guy's simple joy was wonderful, he was more excited over summoning Igorok than the flashy party he didn't even like. 😀😁😃 Thanks Dungeon Boss. Worth every penny! (VIP 8)
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