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I've been trying to pick out a good first team (Preferably to use in the whole game, PVE, Defense for Dungeon and to use to battle in PVP. Got 3 I'm fairly happy with but can't seem to decide on my final one for the team, anyone care to help? I've been trying different combination but haven't really found one I'm happy with yet.

My current team: Drakk the Warlord, Chief Nub Nub, Archangel Emily and Shieldmaiden Astrid

Heroes I like to keep (other two I'm willing to change out if someone has a better suggestion):
Drakk the Warlord and Chief Nub Nub

Below is a list of all my current heroes (I'm only level 25 so kind of went on a summoning craze (got more than I really need at the moment lol).

Shieldmaiden Astrid
Archangel Emily
Chief Nub Nub*
Drakk the Warlord*
Lady Nimriel
Stone Fist
Yasmin Bloom
Willow Swift
Rogar Stonecrusher
Samurai Takumi
Dagrund Blacksmoke
Bovus El Doro
Lord Zomm
Mangle Jaw

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  • Swap out Nubs for Zomm. Sorry, but Nubs is not that good, and the sooner you dump him the better. Zomm, on the other hand, will prove very useful to you. Rune him up as defensively as you can.
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    Ah didn't know he wasn't all that good, I just recently started playing Dungeon Boss and games similar to it, in other games I always have a healer (at least at the very start) so thought Dungeon Boss would be the same (tried Yasmin, wasn't to happy with her), when I unlocked Chief thought he would be better, after reading his stuff). I switched them out and so far having much better luck, thank you for the help.
  • It's a shame because he used to be really good. I started playing at the start of this year and back then Nubs worked for PvE. Sadly, they nerfed healing across the board a few months after that, and both Yasmin and Nubs became terrible.

    Basically, the change they made was to make healers need skill in order to get any healing done. Earlier on that's not really much of an option, though, since getting enough skill to make a difference generally makes healers squishy. As a result, your best bet for recovering health is through effects like lifesteal (which Zomm has inherently) or resurrecting heroes/raising teamates as Zomminions.
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    A friend (who played the game for about 2 years) I asked who I should use for a healer a while back -- I've been debating on trying the game a while, I finally decided to try it about 3 days ago and enjoying it -- anyway she said "Chief has always been good". I didn't know they nerfed them since then. I probably shouldn't have asked her now that I think about it since it's been about 2-3 years since she played so alot could've changed in that time period lol. Guess I didn't think of that.

    I've been playing off and on all day since you helped me out, having much better luck with using Zomm. Before I was pretty much constantly getting killed (even by people with no runed monsters and lower level than me *hides in embarrassment*, since using Zomm I've done a lot of battles and got completely killed off maybe twice (MUCH better). Think Zomm is sticking around for a long time on my teams. Thanks again.
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