Looking for guild so me dailies aren't wasted tonight

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I am level 80 and been playing a while, I get the dailys done every day and the additional VIP 10 bonuses too.

Been kicked from last guild because of a display issue on guild points (I guess, message told me officers couldn't have zero crowns, so meh!!)

Obviously I would prefer a top 50 guild, but if one other has someone active reading this, then I don't mind throwing my crowns your way, pity to waste em and while I like the rewards from a high guild, i actually prefer an active guild who enjoy playing. (if I NEEED something I just credit card it anyway)

Anyhoo, its probably not the way this forum works, but I got 2.5 hours before my dailys click over, so first to throw Torsie an invite gets some crowns.

Oh yeah I am on UK time, so if your guild isn't, sometimes the quest "tick over" times are different. I DO make my daily quests come what may, either at home or at work on the laptop (or whatever hotel they throw me in for the night)

Oh yeah, quick message for the old guild, F2P4life, "cheers for that, hope your pants catch on fire"

somewhat tongue in cheek :)

Torsie - level 80 quite a lot of stuff, also old and grey (prolly too old for computer games)



  • Rah!! Many thanks Midgard!!

    I r be having a new home!!

    Hopefully no pants being set alight here!!
  • Glad to have you part of the viking family
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