Ouch High King Valkin Just Stomped Me

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I’m still relatively new to DB having started playing back in July maybe. After picking up Zomm in one of the heroic portals, I’ve used him heavily for all my activities so far. So much so, I’ve invested all my efforts to finishing up his epic just last night. I’ve had good luck in the tower generally with my team that you’ll see in the video: Iris, Shade, Shadowblade, and Zomm. (Basically all of my highest star level heroes once I stumbled upon the combo)

3* Valkin two levels lower and he ultimately solod down my Zomm in the end with freeze spam. Is there some sort of rune that helps buff resistance to debuffs like that? Other than hoping for shade to live and possibly get lucky w shroud or a spirit link, what might I do differently? Maybe start running with a tank to provide a taunt? I presently am running four pvp damage reduction rune plus an unbreakable on Zomm.

High King Gets What He Wants :dizzy: (video of the replay, kinda funny how hard he spanks my Zomm)

Not really complaining yet, but is seems like something that I’m going to need to find a strategy to deal w considering his popularity.



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    Dang, you came so close to winning too, but Unbreakable Heart kicked in and left him with that 1HP. Brutal.

    Lost_jumper posts some good tips in this thread, but the gist of it is: do everything in your power to kill Valkin ASAP and keep him that way if Emily, Leo, Solaris or Ember is on their team. Normally killing Shade before all others is the right move, but Valkin is too dangerous. Shade can't possess Valkin anymore, so once Valkin is down against that team you faced, he stays down.

    You might also be able to strip Valkin of his lifestealing if you dispose of Dagrund's corpse. The various Solaris-specific buffs beast heroes cease working if you completely remove Solaris from play, for example. I can never remember which traits do and don't apply on corpse removal. Like I said, I do everything in my power to murder Valkin first, so I don't have much experience with this approach.
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    The triumvirate of Valkin, Dhaegon and Dagrund rocks, and I use it a lot attacking the tower every day.

    Valkin can freeze and damage with his first attack, and is followed by his allies in any attack he makes. He's immune to ALL debuffs.
    Dhaegon regenerates energy for dwarves on crits, so if Valkin crits enough he can just keep hitting with the artillery every turn. Keep freezing your enemy while damaging them, no downside. He's immune to elemental debuffs (burn, shock, freeze, poison, disease, venom and chill), and gets a 25% damage penetration debuff from being with Valkin.
    Dagrund keeps the party healthy, and can boost Valkin's energy for an immediate second artillery strike with his first ability. He also cleanses 1 debuff off all allies including himself at the start of his turn. He also boosts allied Dwarves' health stat.

    The Valkin you were facing his his first epic part, so he and his dwarf chums had a 50% bonus on attack and defense.

    As with all Dwarves, they can't miss, and actually hit harder against enemies with dodge.

  • Survivor rune can remove debuffs
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    If you're asking if there is a way to resist freeze, some heroes are naturally unaffected (Grog Gnog, Icepick, Icebloom, IGOROK, Goretusk, HKV, Emily, all constructs)
    Some heroes give their families freeze immunity (Krexx -> Reptiles, IGOROK -> Monsters)
    Shade's dark shroud - thats it

    HKV should be considered high threat, always consider him the first target that should stay dead, contextual circumstances notwithstanding. I usually save Hagrim's Jackhammer for HKV and bring my own HKV so he's Fast and stronger.

    If you're struggling to kill HKV because he's a tanky little ****, Hagrim, Therand, Agnon, and Lily are effective at dealing with him.

    Also, what platform are you playing on and what did you use to record your footage? It's buttery smooth!
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