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I'm level 60 and have the 60k honor required tu buy the superior rune at the honor shop. The fact is that i only see the greater rune sold for 30k honor.
Last season i saw the superior rune in the shop but could buy it, so why is that rune not appearing?
Please fix this as soon as possible.


  • I've also seen this where level 50 sometimes is high enough to buy the Greater rune, and sometimes is not. From what I've heard, the level requirements intentionally vary from season to season depending on what type of rune it is... not positive whether that is true or not though
  • Thank you. I hope it's just a rumor tho.
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    There's only a couple of superior runes that can be purchased by level 60, maybe a 3rd, consider these a fluke. (blue crit att dmg pen?, green att att skil). A majority of the superior runes will not be available for purchase in the honor shop until level 65.
  • So that's it?i just need to wai until i'm level 65?
  • RocksorRocksor Member
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    wiru wrote: »
    So that's it?i just need to wai until i'm level 65?

    Yes, and then you will see every PVP season superior rune available for sale in the honor shop.

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