Do these runes really work? Really really

On grog I have old superior every thing works look good. But these new hero runes have always made me wonder since they don't display? So what's ur take cgucayewqcv1.jpg


  • Sorry I wrote over grogs 11DP hero card
  • ****. Now I have to check all my runes. It could be a display bug, but there is no way to really tell. The fact that it does not show up on your Hagrim at all has me concerned.
    Serve and be happy, citizen. The Computer is your friend!

  • I've always noticed it visually not show up but now that I'm in a meta spot where my damage break points matter I want to double check my 50max dp stack on my hagrim
  • I think no 4th stat is shown in the hero stats page.
  • I think the 4th stat lets you go above the maximum on the hero stats page.
  • The rogue rune does
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