Forgotten, and Useless Heroes as of 10/20 (PvP irrevant for short)

Everyone forgot they existed. These heroes need a full on rework pronto
Admiral Kreel
Yokuzuna-even after his buff, still sucks
Aria- Everything changed when the shade nation attacked
Nitpick- This guy was good back in Tsume's golden days, now, he just really sucks. I would love to put a purging/ caster rune on him so his meteor storm is better.
Torchy- saving grace his is beast passive, but he needs some work
zurk- You used to be the strongest hero in the game? What happened? Zurk: The Zen Nerf happened, and every new hero from then too.
Kobal- only good for a disease bait, but most good heroes are immune to that or can cleanse it on the spot.
Willow- Everyone stops using me after they get another nature hero.
Pontifex- Was the strongest hero in the game for a very long time. What Happened?
Bauble- Used to be invincible, most annoying hero in the game. Then combat revamp happened.
Furnance- Used to be the strongest tank in game. What happened?
Alexandros- He's been reworked so many times but the devs never get it right.
Zen- Dungeon Boss really did him wrong.
Squinch- He does tons of damage really, but is squishy, and outdated
Needs a rework/buff, to be PvP relevant, but isn't too bad.

Takumi- I honestly feel like he just needs Kenjutsu like Hansuke. He's very fun to use against melee heroes, but he died quickly when hit by the biggest meta heroes. A full honorbound rework will save him.
Iris- I really got disappointed with her. A monster rework will save her.
Marrow-The combination of his exclusiveness and his stats make him bad.
Igorok- He needs the legendary treatment Valkin got.
Koros- (don't hurt me) He hits like a stale noodle now. He'll be back to his old glory with a monster rework.
Nimriel- Elves have no synergy, so her skills can't truly shine when she doesn't have the survivability to pull it off.
Malice- Very good in PvE like Nimriel, but demons have no synergy that buffs their health/defense/damage reduction.
Phemus- Monster rework will save him
Bramble- Man i loved him.
NubNub- Combat Revamp, Nuff said.
Selwyn- Ok he doesn't suck, but still needs a attack buff.
Stone Fist- Doesnt suck, but contructs need a rework



  • Actually I use Willow. I haven't gotten a better nature, and she is good with my team and she is fully ascended. Koros, well compared to a lot of heroes. Really, I would rather they buff his health than attack.
    He was chill, never lost his cool, always won because frost bites.
  • i hope thats just personal opinnion because i see a lot of the heroes you say that sucked
  • In defense of Deadeye :wink:

    Just got another win with him :D
  • Yeah, so that does prove he is better, but also notice that he is the only one dead.
    He was chill, never lost his cool, always won because frost bites.
  • These heroes on the top are useless in level 70+ PvP. Deadeye sucks. You would have won that raid with pretty much any other hero, unless you want to show me how much damage Deadeye dealt....
  • li30li30 Member
    edited October 2018
    U didn't read my thread about him did u ? I stated how I used him in that post, read it before making any comment

    Edit :
    I reruned my DE, following by guildie's rune build, Even though this defense rp 5.4k only, at least he had decent dmg output at my first try :)

    Second try against 5.8k rune power dwarves, although dead, still good dmg ;)
  • edited October 2018
    I generally combine Deadeye with light assassins, thus gaining cumulative damage rather increased damage, plus my Deadeye has a very good chance to debuff on a normal hit.
    Serve and be happy, citizen. The Computer is your friend!

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