Looking for a guild for the next GG

If you need an extra player for the next GG, let me know.

I am *not* looking for a guild that is shooting for the top few spots. I'll be a solid contributor, but I'm not looking to take out a mortgage or play 20 hours/day trying for Top 5.

If you want to keep me around after, I'm good for max crowns every week and solid participation in PvE events, but I've grown sick of PvP, so I only do as much of it as I need to for crowns.

570k-ish Hero Power
A little of a million trophies (if that matters to you)
Full, fully ascended roster (82/82 heroes)
VIP 10

Anyway. Lemme know if you need a spot filled for the next GG.

Peace, love, and superior firepower.


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