When will we see Valkin epic

Been told several times from summits that valkin epic gonna be available in boss island at the end of this month, now a couple days later Oct ends, not even a slight sign about it, please be honest with us players, will we ever have chance to have access to it before Nov ? given the fact this Halloween event is total f*** up, it will be much appreciate and brighten this horrible event a little bit at least if we could get the epic in time as we were told, thank u for taking ur times.


  • They said at the end of October. We are close.
  • Soon (tm)
  • I thought they said BEFORE the end of October. Should be today.

    (Also October's not over. Do you think there is a break from months between October and November? xD)
  • It will be in the shop soon!
    For 150,000 candy, of course.

    In boss island it will be available end of October 2019, maybe October 2020.

    #candygate #worsteventever
  • AmkdrAmkdr Member
    edited October 2018
    He forgot to say End of October, 2019
  • "End of the Month" is just a term for it'll be free eventually but give us money now. It'll probably be out for Xmas, or be in the shop then. That said it is the 31st so who knows, could be today and I eat my hat. My assumption is it has to do with the GG being pushed back a week and us getting an untested halloween event. So maybe tomorrow when the games start it'll pop up.
  • it's out.
    they didn't publicize it.

  • Hey @Scroom407 please send us pictures of you eating your hat as the epic hit permafrost yesterday.
  • @TopKnight I'm plum out of hats sadly, I've been eating too many lately. I'll eat two next time :smiley:
  • wow, finally got it but that took more runs of the Boss dungeon than any other epic (20+ runs). Anyone else get this error message when it dropped?

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