Guild Event Tomorrow (11/1) Starting at 4pm, Players Must Be In Guilds Before Event Start!

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Hey everyone!

There will be a guild event that starts tomorrow at 4pm central time. The event is starting an hour later than usual to give guilds time to shuffle players around following the end of our shortened crown tournament.

PLEASE NOTE: This will be the type of event where players must be in a guild BEFORE the event starts in order to contribute. So prepare your flocks!
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  • Threshold? No threshold? Stamina? Courage? bw4vgnziboc6.jpeg
  • wagdogg wrote: »
    Threshold? No threshold? Stamina? Courage?

    You will need lots of courage for this upcoming event, I’m sure.
  • Can’t argue that 😆
  • Please don't be a stamina-demanding event. Haunted Halls drained my resources.
  • I can guarantee you what type of event it will be - BROKEN! (I just wish I was kidding)
  • Just got word it’s courage not stamina
  • @wagdogg - I don’t believe you. I need to hear from Johnny 5.
  • BlothBloth Member
    edited October 2018
    I predict there will be an issue by 4:15 pm . If it even starts on time.
  • Bloth wrote: »
    I predict there will be an issue by 4:15 pm . If it even starts on time.

    WOW! An optimist! That long? ;-p
  • But which bugs will it be?
    a) quests won't complete
    2) event dungeon crashing
    III) progress disappears
    d) incorrect items in shops
    5) leader boards inaccurate

  • I predict it will encourage players to spend real money and I will not be among those who do
    I can no longer decide from day to day what to think of this game.... and that is frustrating
    I can no longer stand the direction of this game nor the insulting way issues are dealt with
  • Shortened crown tournament? I’ve been too busy seeing red or maybe orange and white triangles to realize.
  • lythstihl wrote: »
    I predict it will encourage require players to spend real money and I will not be among those who do

    Fixed that for you ;)

  • If the thresholds are the same, DB can kiss it, cause I won't be participating or spending!
  • I am guessing this is the event where I will have to shell out around $200 to unlock Craw.
  • I predict that no one will have any idea what they are tapping because Absolutely Everything will be blacked out silhouettes this time.

  • hudson1520 wrote: »
    wow you all are cruel, it sounds like you hate the game! heres an idea... if you dont like it, dont play :)

    We do like it, we enjoy playing it, then they pull stunts like this last event that makes everyone go wtf!!!
  • @hudson1520, actually I'm being rather nice at the moment. Perhaps a bit cynical, but nice overall.
    Serve and be happy, citizen. The Computer is your friend!

  • @Joel So will there be a new crown tournament starting today at 3pm cst or no tournament during GG with a new one starting on Monday?
  • All I hope is, there will be some great rewards~! I only want like, an Unbreakable heart rune for Yorick and a frozen touch rune and stuff like that
    Join The Common Cold! With Disease and Chill on our side, we shall spread The Common Cold! become a Common Cold Member today!
  • @Warlord_Yorick I get liking Yorick to stay on brand and all, but why waste an unbreakable rune on him? He doesn't fit in well with the undead even, though his skin is pretty sweet.
  • when is the guild update coming where one player can't ruin it for the whole guild so i can just start my own guild and always be #1
  • Thanks for the heads up that Valkin’s epic is now in the dungeon...oh wait...
  • hudson1520 wrote: »
    wow you all are cruel, it sounds like you hate the game! heres an idea... if you dont like it, dont play :)

    Believe me, many are thinking the same thing. My days playing this game are numbered, for sure.
  • clearly hudson doesn't understand what's happening lol. this will sound mean tho, i want to stick around until the tower burns down and all the heroes are set free from the fishing lures. and I'm not talking about the in game heroes i mean the players. i still like to see what heroes come out once in a while but eh screw the competitive part of the game. it's long dead and too much work for meager rewards. this is a mobile game not an mmorpg. many systems and mechanics are too flawed. but i do love my Shade and the other dark heroes. except kozar. sorry he still sucks
  • TopKnightTopKnight Member
    edited November 2018
    I need courage
  • Hey, I know this is an unpopular opinion, but maybe we shouldn’t judge the event before it comes out? IMO the difference between enjoying a game and hating it is judging new content before it is even released.

    Personally, I have noticed this kind of event suggested many times by the community, and at the very least, they listened to us on that. I honestly feel like they might have learned something from slaughtering the Halloween event, and that we should give them a chance.

    Let’s just wait and see which way the wind blows. If the event is good, then good on us and then. If it sucks, then we have a right to complain like we did during the Halloween event. This is how change is made.
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