Wow are you purposely trying to frustrate and offend players/customers?

So I played a bit of the event, some of the low hanging fruit - I'd given up on dungeon candy corn, and by last night I had 12K corn. I saw the store had a skin I could pick up for 9K (not sure I even wanted it) but I could pick up 5 jibber tokens to bring him to 20.

The store was advertised as being open until 3PM CST today, so this morning I went in to buy my jibber tokens and found they're no longer there (and neither is the skin but I'll survive.) I then get a Bossmail telling me I didn't win any rewards, that I need to participate more next time.

And please don't say "We advertise how long each item will be in the shop." Whether you do or not, in my opinion that's a very flawed technique, and counterintuitive, designed to get people to buy fast, but will in fact get people to buy less and frustrate them.

If you are purposely trying to make players angry and go elsewhere, keep it up - its working.

(I also found it amusing and sad that yesterday's BossMail said the event would end at 12PM CST Nov 1. Luckily, I knew they -meant- midnight, 12AM, but still.)


  • Yes.
  • Guys, seriously they have been trying to make people mad so they will quit playing for quite a long time now. It’s just that they are so bad at doing..... well everything that they are finally succeeding. In their minds you long term players are just way more trouble than you are worth. They figure that they have gotten enough money out of you all and just want you to go away now so that they can fleece a new group of players.
  • Really???

  • I get, understand, and appreciate that one should be in a guild to fully participate in a guild based event and share in the guild's rewards (like the weekly crowns and the Boss Raids). That is not the issue I have with this event.

    In addition to my main, guild associated account, I have a couple of casual, non-guild accounts. Here is the problem (and just about the final straw). W/o guild membership, one can not raid Boss Craw (quild event, not a quild member, fair enough).

    However, w/o the boss raid, I cannot complete a quest line and therefore lose out on 3.5k tickets and 5 Craw tokens ( oh, but I can just buy them instead - forcing a pay to even participate) (oh yeah, just like the pay to quest last week).

    W/O tokens, no Craw hero. And I am not able to complete the repeatable pvp raid w/Craw (another 20k tickets, which may be bought for real $$$).

    All of this (plus the current event boosts, tokens, tickets, etc in the shop) simply reinforces (in my mind) the idea that this game is moving to a $ charge for everything. Not just to get something a bit faster or to make it a bit better w/o all the grinding. But to even get it in the first place.
    I am lvl 80, VIP 10, w/almost two years playing this game. I am in a wonderful guild, with awesome officers and people.

    And I do not know if I will be around after reset.
  • This probably should've been posted in general so it would get more views. Because a lot of people are about to leave due to the increased requirements to pay to win and the now newer "loot pass" craze and other increasingly blatant cash grabs.

    Dungeon payouts being stifled and daily gem packs no longer available for only high levels are among other tactics to encourage pulling out your cc to keep up with must have runes released for 48 hours.

    I don't think it's to purposely drive players away...I think they think players that have been around so long will be so hooked in this game they will fork over the cash like a white nosed Dave Chappelle.

    I'm not against the game getting the financial support it needs. But greedy grab tactics are going to do just what the op stated and that is only drive players long or short term away.

    It's getting to where being able to even afford to keep up is an issue for some. I don't mean 1st place ggt finishes I'm talking just havin the same runes that make or break you in pvp. You drop 4 for over 20k to acquire and then give everyone 4 days to get them.....if you would just bring back the daily 900 gems that would be possible. But you won't simply to sell more expensive "deals!"...... Chill out with the greed tactics.
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    Unless spoken otherwise, I think its very clear what the devs have in mind for the future of DB.

    1) Drive prices up, remove good deals, require money for certain events ( that most players are not willing to pay )

    2) Claim that DB is not doing as well as it has been in the past due to some made up reasoning that we as the player base cannot confirm due to lack of information clarity (if any reasons are given at all)

    3) Announce that DB is shutting down due to lack of new players / sustainability

    4) Work on the casino games that are oh so interesting, losing DB, the most unique part of their brand

    5) Lose all respect from the playerbase via pay-to-play, similar to how EA is pay-walling console players.

    6) Lose profit.

    Its a solid plan, bested only by plans along the lines of driving with a blindfold on, breathing in water while swimming, etc.

    Devs know what they're doing.

    We bring the same unanswered issues to them every summit, and receive the same squirt-bottle treatment that someone would give to their house cat for acting up every time.

    Why else do we get such half-hearted answers to such gripping questions?

    Its because if they lie and give us the answers we want to hear (when in actuality there are no plans to resolve our qualms ie. having 20$ Daily Gem Pack back), they'll be slandered in the general public for blatant corporate lying.
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