Remember the good old times?

Remember those times when you didnt get xp from raids? Why can't we go back there?


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    Because if you are not force fed xp, you will be less likely to spend money to remain competitive. Simple, really.
    Serve and be happy, citizen. The Computer is your friend!

  • which only proves that devs are greedy
  • Why do you not want XP? Slow leveling is dead. It doesn't do anything for you anymore.
  • I remember the good old times when events where fun and rewarding!

  • @MrTheWaffleKing if slow leveling doesn’t do anything for you then why do they force xp on you? Slow leveling allows you to enjoy the game and have success without spending. It always has and it always will.
  • If slow leveling doesn't do anything, why NOT force XP on you? You don't need to spend if you fast level.
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