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An enigmatic and mysterious bird wielding a book that allows him to collect wandering souls and use them to his own ends. His cunning mind allows him to predict the attacks of his enemies and prevent them from having their intended effect.

Most Hated Hero: Hated Hero: Zen, his rival in both intellect and weekend chess tournaments.

Element: Dark: +30% bonus against LIGHT enemies

Tags: Undead Healer

  • SOULLESS SCOURGE: Immune to poison, venom, wound, and disease. Lifesteals 25% of all damage dealt.

Abilities and Ascensions:
  • WAND: Basic Ranged Spirit attack.
  • DARK DESIGNS: Ranged Dark attack on all enemies that also heals all allies. Adds Foresight to all allies, a buff that prevents the next debuff on that hero. Foresight lasts until consumed or purged, but can't be stolen.

Next Ascension:

Required Evos:
  • LNature Evo: 15
  • Dark Evo: 25
  • Water Evo Monarch: 20
  • Arcane Evo: 4

NEW Traits!
  • SOUL LEDGER: Absorbs Souls per use of Immortal Life (up to 5 times). For each Soul, increases skill by 50% and Max Health by 30%.
  • NEVERMORE: On death, purge X debuffs and heals all allies, where X is equal to the number of Souls he has collected plus 1.

NEW Ability!
  • IMMORTAL LIFE: Melee Spirit attack on target enemy. Deals extra damage based on this hero's Max Health. Adds a soul to Soul Ledger.

Next Ascension:

Required Evos:
  • Water Evo: 40
  • Dark Evo Monarch: 35
  • Moonlight Evo: 8
  • Shadow Evo: 2

NEW Traits!
  • SHARD OF DARKNESS: Allies start the dungeon with Foresight.
  • IMMORTALITY THROUGH DEATH: Undead Allies gain an additional 25% lifesteal, and Foresight at the start of each round.

NEW Ability!
  • FUTURE SIGHT: Heals all allies, buffs their attack, and gives them Foresight.
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  • So, with "Immortality Through Death" passive undead allies will Lifesteal 50% of damage inflicted or have a 50% chance to Lifesteal a fixed, unknown percentage or have an additional 6.25% added to the existing 25% of damage inflicted stolen or an additional 6.25% added to their 25% chance to Lifesteal an unknown percentage?

    I am having some difficulty understanding the language. Also at what point does this occur? Initial damage, before armor, defense, damage resistance, etc or final damage actually inflicted on an enemy? An example would help to clarify, as at high levels of play, small differences in interpretation can have huge effects.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Why no more pictures? No pictures on the forums of Lilly's epic, Rocky's skin, or Craw. Is this a new rule or something?
  • Yea, and it seems kinda bugged. all we wanna know is it a flat 25% added to the soulless scourge or?... please let us know
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    Time for a koan. What is the sound of silence?
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  • "Fools" said I, "You do not know
    Silence like a cancer grows
    Hear my words that I might teach you
    Take my arms that I might reach you"
    But my words like silent raindrops fell
    And echoed in the wells of silence
  • Wonder how Craw will do in PvP...
  • sirolk99 wrote: »
    Wonder how Craw will do in PvP...

    I'm kinda looking forward to playing him in pvp when 5*/6* him, feel he has more potential than iris and jibber, also I wonder if f2p can max his star before the game shuts down...
  • craw will be good I think with higher stars... and what do u even mean the game is gonna shut down
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    At every "crisis", there have been players who predicted the end of the game. Bossfight is a business. As long as profits continue to significantly exceed costs of operation, they will not shut down a cash cow.

    Craw is useful to me at the moment in PvP as I am currently intentionally losing all PvP matches.
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