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Although I am almost completing chapter 8 I still don't get any gems from the chests or chapter-end quests. I didn't even get any gem after defeating Kang Kung. I was wondering if there is a bug involving new players or cutting the gems from maps and quests is something new that came with the patch ???


  • The sound of silence.
    Serve and be happy, citizen. The Computer is your friend!

  • More like Symphony of a loser. Do you have the same problem? I don't get any gems from the dungeons I completed with 3 stars. I also don't get gems from the end chapter quests, only tokens, and keys.
  • This is affecting me too. Level 39 and have never received gems as rewards for clearing dungeons the first time. My account was created approximately one week ago. Playing on a tablet via Android OS.
  • For any of you who have been tracking this issue; I heard back directly from Joel today and was informed that this was a change made recently which only affects new accounts. I've been playing for around one month, so I'm not sure if this change was in the patch notes at some point. But apparently this behavior is working as designed.
  • You've stripped the gem rewards from the campaign dungeons for new players?


    That is a serious kick in the balls. It is hard enough for new players to compete with older players but you've gone and cut them off at the knees?

    I can no longer condone to new players that they start this game. The frustration at having to climb an uphill battle while older players had it so much easier is not worth it.

    Also I went to the App Store and rated DB 1 star. This game no longer deserves the rating it has.
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    @TheStink , change will not occur until players STOP SPENDING. A negative review will be reset to a previous version with the next daily "dungeon boss just got better", and the fanboys and shills will just run the rating back to four+. We tried that once, and the response was to release the major upgrade to the game of ........... Chat muting! Hooray, applause, confetti, etc, etc.
    Serve and be happy, citizen. The Computer is your friend!

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