Chapter 14 Lock?

I've been working my way through Boss Mode for years now.... no, literally!
I'm stuck on Chapter 13. I'm not allowed to access Chapter 14, it's locked until I "beat the previous Boss Mode Chapter First."

I'm asking the community exactly what this means, because there aren't ANY chapters in boss mode where I've 3-starred every dungeon. In fact, other than maybe the first few chapters, most chapters have at least one or two (B) [ boss ] levels that I've never beaten. (especially levels that require select heroes.)

So, why suddenly is Chapter 14 continually locked? I spent the last few months powering up a light team hoping that beating the last dungeon in chapter 13 "The Untamed Tangle (B)" would unlock chapter 14, but today I finally got through it with 1 star and it didn't unlock anything.

The remaining dungeon in that chapter "Wriggling Weald" requires a reptile team, which is gonna take me FOREVER to power up. I don't want to invest that time in those characters if that's not the way to unlock Chapter 14.

Can someone please tell me what the specific requirements are? I read somewhere else that unlocking Boss Mode chapters requires beating all the same dungeons in regular modes, but Chapter 13 is fully 3-starred in both other campaigns.

Hope this question makes sense! Let me know any questions, and hopefully someone can give me some concrete answers.

Thanks in advance!


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