Auto attack in My Dungeon


I’v had a few fights now where a character with taunt ends up hidden behind Solaris. On this last occasion I really did not want to give up so I sat for a good 15 minutes trying to click every angle to be able to attack.

Could you implement an auto attack feature in My dungeon so that this doesn’t happen again? It’s not a perfect solution but might be easier than to correct graphic problems.

Another possible solution is to be able to make characters see-through by the aid of a click function on the character in question.

This would help in normal dungeons as well when large characters obscure treasure troves like mushrooms and flowers.


  • this bug has been around since the creation of the game and has been unable to be fixed
  • Could you tell me the defense that you were fighting? Maybe I will try it.
  • Solaris used to fly in the background. There you couldn't target her ashes so she was placed into the forground. Now she blocks the heroes behind her :#
    These problems have been mentioned already several times.
  • It would also be useful for when there is one very tanky hero left, and you just need to keep attacking.
  • It would be very nice. I've been in a similar situation.
    He was chill, never lost his cool, always won because frost bites.
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