Hero Idea: Rekh the Demolisher

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Rekh the Demolisher

"It has taken many years to train this brother of mine to become a great warrior like me. I would say I wasted my time doing this for him! He only thinks of himself now that he is mighty and strong... Nothing can help this reckless mess! He wont ever stop bragging about his courage and strength, for he forgets who taught him how to gain these traits! -Drakk the Warlord

Classification: Barbarian Warrior

Element: Fire
+35/45% vs Nature units
-25% vs Water units

Runes: [Fire|Fire|Nature|Light|Dark]

0 Ascends:
Armored- Takes less damage from Physical attacks
Rage- Gains Rage when hit by enemies. Rage modifies abilities. Stacks up to Five times

1st Ascend:
Burning Revenge- Chance to revenge attacks. Gain a number of hits per stack of rage with a chance to burn
Infuriated- All allied Barbarians can gain up to SIX stacks of Rage

2nd Ascend:
Brother of the Warlord- If Drakk the Warlord is on the team, all Barbarian allies will follow up any attack made by Drakk and this hero with a basic attack. Allied Barbarians will deal 2x damage to Burned targets

Attack- 2,362
Defense- 2, 176
Skill- 1,342
Max Heath- 5,625
Crit Chance- 32%
Fire Resist- 33%
Nature Resist- 19%
Spirit Resist- 6%

Burning Swing- Attacks one enemy with a chance to Burn. If this hero has Four or more stacks of Rage, this attack WILL Burn and Wound target enemy

[Special] Cool Down: 5
Ravaging Slash- Attacks all enemies lowering their Defense. All allies become Burn and Wound immune for two rounds

[Special] Cool Down: 4
Raging Charge- Attacks one random enemy. Will gain an additional number of hits per stack of Rage. One random ally will then attack the same amount of enemies depending on how many times this hero attacked enemies. Starts Powered

[Special] Cool Down: 4
Magma Armor- All allies will gain Magma Armor (Works as a Damage Reflection shield). Allies will deal extra damage to Nature enemies. Water attacks will deal less damage while Magma armor is on. Lasts for three rounds


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