I really don’t see how you make more money from the p2p events than you did with the old events.


  • sirtainlysirtainly Member
    edited November 2018
    (Personally, I think about 4 events ago, the entire staff switched with 1 or 2 devs from another project, the new people knowing nothing about DB history. Their boss immediately requested that all quest rewards be reduced to 1/10th, all dev team salaries be reduced by half, and all shop token costs be increased by 500%. They are also seeing how many "passes" they can fill the store with. It's just a hypothesis.)

    EDIT: fixed "to 1/10th" to "by 1/10th", which is what I originally meant to say. Thanks for catching this, lythstihl
  • It's not rewards reduced by 1/10th it's rewards reduced to 1/10th
    I can no longer decide from day to day what to think of this game.... and that is frustrating
    I can no longer stand the direction of this game nor the insulting way issues are dealt with
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