Are the Black Friday prices correct?

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This is meant as a well intentioned inquiry designed to give DB feedback to make it healthier and more sustainable. There is no way I can post this without appearing negative - for that I apologize.

I noticed many of the shop prices that are labelled as "Black Friday" specials appear to be at about the same price as usual (or not much less). I think most people are on the lookout for Black Friday deals, and other games I play seem to be offering at least some highly discounted items.

Many of the prices are larger than entire deluxe boxed games and I can buy several quality mobile games in their entirety for these prices.

May I draw your attention to just a few:
I can get a 24" Smart TV at Bestbuy for $99.
I can get an Apple Watch at target for $80.
I can get Fallout76 at Wallmart for $39.00
<insert 20 other online retail sites here>

(I won't even start to explain just how many
Amazon items including software, electronics and housewares I can purchase outright for $29-$99.)

It would appear those who developed this pricing scheme have a substantially different view (than I do) of how to attract a broad base of sustainable purchasers (if that is in fact their goal.)

I do hope they don't expect people to be shelling out $99 each month and/or $20 each week (event). I hear Silver is a good investment at this time.

tldr; "Hey Fred, do me a favor and edit the shop menu and slap "Black Friday Special" banners under all the items? Thanks! By the way, your yearly performance review is next week."
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