Pointifex again

There were some suggestive comments about a demon update last summit. With that update I hope they take the chance to rework Pointifex into a legendary demonologist. There is no point in having two legendaries supporting the same undead team.

Pointifex the Heretic: (Keep the power level of Valkin in mind)
More attack, defence, and life.
Chaos storm. Range magical AoE attack, high damage, purges 3 buffs and applies 3 random elemental debuffs.

Infernal armour: boosting attack and defence with a powerful single target attack. Starts powered.

Doom Bolt: Very high single target damage. Shieldpiercing. Removes the corpse on a killing blow.

Mystical. Same old

Magical shell. 10% Damages reduction for every buff on him. Max 90%

The Pact: at the start of his turn, Pointifex spirit links a random susceptible enemy, transferring buffs and debuffs. The link lasts until the end of the turn.

Infernal extacy: +15% att and def to Pontifex and all demon allies for each demon on the team.

Poodle's core. Turns into small a demon on death (frostfiend icepick model with purple color scheme perhaps).
The demon form has the traits; mystical, infernal extacy and "stolen flesh" - returns to human form on a killing blow.

EPIC: Doomskull. Flaming horned demon skull above his head.
Att, def, life. Chance of a doombolt on all enemies
Passive: Epic poodles core. Demon form starts hasted and haste all allies

Make Reptiles Great Again!


  • Now THIS is an ungrade. I'm all for changing him from a useless undead support to a demon support. However, does he only ressurect on killing blow because that's pretty crappy. Pontifex barely does enough dmg and if he's in a weak demon form someone would just 1 shot him. He needs to be unkillable or something as long as other demon members are alive or maybe work like Leo and revuve every time a demon member dies or revive a demon ally when he dies.
  • I would rather Pontifex Be Improved on Undead Grounds, His Undead form is squishy as hell, And for the love of Zomm give the guy an epic to appeal to the undead similar to how Valkins Epic Grants ‘em Epic Dwarven High king except with double effectiveness on himself and all undead allies.
    Total Zomminionation.
  • I think they should leave Ponti alone. Somebody has to be the worst legendary hero and Ponti has done such a good job at being that for such a long time.
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