This offer is FLYing away! It sure did.

Tonight, Thursday evening, I just got a Bossmail with an offer I think it was for Drakk tokens and Craw tokens, part of a "doorbuster", but when I looked, none in shop. Yesterday evening I also received an in-game mail about another offer that wasn't present. I've been logging in at -least- once per evening (to do my dailies, and to piddle around with the event I discovered was happening.)

I'm not saying I would have actually purchased them "at the lowest price ever" (?), but if the direction of the game is now pay to play, it seems very counter-productive not to offer the ability to pay.

Unless this is a sophisticated marketing strategy - lots of advertising of fantastic deals that aren't really available in an attempt to excite the customer and get them in the mindset of purchasing?

Too tricky for me. Hope it works on the kids.


  • I got the ingame emails but did not see the offers. But they did make me look. Haha, good joke.

  • Well, after piddling around with the event for awhile, marveling at the oh so generous 300 measly ticket rewards for quests, I happened to notice 2 specials appear along the left side, and sure enough, those were the aforementioned advertised specials. I specifically recall no specials being listed earlier in the game session.

    They had 14m52s remaining. That old trick. Hurry! Order before midnight tonight! Supplies are limited!

    That won't work on me, either. That's almost as bad as trying to convince me I will "save" money buying something I would not have otherwise bought.

  • I have lost ALL respect for EA, Boss Fight and Dungeon Boss. Not only will I never spend any more on this game, but I will never spend money on any product that I see those names attached to. So hey, good job guys!
  • Dot com bubble. Been there, seen it.
    Serve and be happy, citizen. The Computer is your friend!

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