Really only money matter?


I’ve been playing Dungeon Boss for 400 days in this second time, because I started already 3 years ago and I had to stop it when I started to see the users in this games don’t matter only money.

I thought maybe they learnt... but clearly no. It was a small satisfaction when the board game was a completely fiasco... because again it was designed with the exlcusive puporse of getting more money, without any consideration of users. And this year I already spent more money in board games that those 249$ The diference was that all the games were created thinking of customers and how we can enjoy more, not just trying to “steal” money from them.

Now we can see more new heros coming with some special powers that they make impossible to defeat theirs teams and making the game every day more boring... you have to buy them, but also their “nemesis” so you can protect from them. And usually, you have to pay if you want to use them... or wait a year! The game clearly is not trying to be funnier, to retain old players... no, it’s just about Boss Fight gain more and more money. This is not even a problem with developers, that probably they are not even well paid and we can see that in the game getting more and more buggy (excellent example the “texture” issue a couple of months ago).

I created my first game 20 years ago (completely amateur, I never moved into game development professionally), and of course thinking the possibility of getting some money from it, was really interesting... but even today, I prefer to open source my programs (no games) so people can use it and enjoy it. I know, probably silly mentality.

Sorry for the long post.

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