More PVP bull****.

Image below is practically self explanatory, How am I supposed to carry out the usual PVP activity if I cannot target the enemy behind solaris’s hitbox.

And knowing Bossfight, they will come up with some lame excuse like they did with previous incidents in relation to this, and personally, I hope Bossfight gets forced into studio closure like telltale games, because the current direction is gonna kill the company just like Bethesda with the Power Armor edition Bag scandal, EA with the Lootbox outrage, destiny for just providing crap content that only covers 2 hours of content and blizzard for pissing off die hard Diablo fans by announcing a new Diablo game on mobile with no plans on making a PC version as Diablo has always been a PC game since day one.
Give or take, two years or less from now, Bossfight Entertainment (or at least big fish games if I had to take a guess.) is gonna go out of business and when it does, you better hope someone picks up that phone because I will have called it.

Disclaimer: you do what you will with this thread but you will never silence the players, for it is through us, the players, that help to keep the game alive, to turn your back on us for the investors is to tread the path of your self-destruction.
Total Zomminionation.


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