Stop Directing Hate Towards Joel

I think you all forget how little power employees like Joel have, so cut him some slack. Think broader, think bigger if you want to place blame somewhere.

Think about how the P2P model has been getting increasingly more greedy.

(July 2018) Also think the fact that former EA and Zynga executive Jeff Karp joined the Big Fish team as Managing Director and President .

(October 2018) On Boss Fight's end, Mike Verdu (former SVP of EA Mobile and former Chief Creative Officer of Zynga) is brought into the team.

Both very notable P2P indoctrinated companies.

March of 2018, Big Fish gets hit with legal issues regarding their casino game. Alongside, if you compare 2017 net revenue to 2016, there's a net negative difference of a couple million dollars.

Also consider that never before has the P2P model been so prevalent inside our game than it has been in the past few months.

I'm a hard believer in hard evidence, so drawing conclusions without conclusive evidence is blasphemy. However, with EA's track record of P2P in almost every game they've put out, and Zynga's own reputation...

If you're going to get upset (who isn't at this point), direct your anger towards those who really warrant it.

inb4 banned


  • is anyone directed hate toward Joel?
    have they called him names, threatened him, declared vengeance for killing their father?

    Because all I'm seeing is folks pointing out that DB has a history of certain behaviors and those behaviors are getting worse.
  • edited December 2018
    A certain senior executive of Bossfight posted ONCE on the forums. He was mocked into oblivion for a (player opinion) bad decision he personally took credit for. The result? Bad decisions (player opinion) continue to be made, Joel is SOLE point of contact with BF management on forum (IF he decides to respond), requests and suggestions in guild summit amount to "make the game better for the top 1/10 of 1% of players", which are promptly ignored, and as long as people CONTINUE to buy into the PAY TO PLAY model nothing will change.

    To top players and guilds - by CONTINUING TO SPEND after 2016 portal nerf, you made this bed, go lie in it.
    Serve and be happy, citizen. The Computer is your friend!

  • Most hate and distaste is towards Bossfight/Bigfish as a whole. We ping Joel because he's the only active member of DB on here.
  • MaxBeamer wrote: »
    It is Joel’s job to take our feedback back to the development team and his bosses. If that feedback is anger because of the direction that the game is going then so be it. He is a big boy who I am sure gets paid very well.

    I hear he gets paid in Hagrim tokens.

  • Yes but he can convert those to aether and get all kinds of good stuff!

  • That's true, no one hate or harass Joel, all our anger directed to chief directors of this game,
    Joel doing his best, developers doing great work, game designers just ok, and graphic designers are cool guys,
    sad that all of them have to listen to someone else will, and they can't do stuff on their own.
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