Event Banners

Hey Devs. Just wanted to point out a decline in the quality of event banners lately. Not sure who's role this is under (graphics, coders, ect.) but often the banner tabs will be completely blank, and the banners themselves will have misleading or simply wrong information on them. For example, the Panda loot pass is back in the shop, and the event banner is the same from it's first release claiming you can be the first to own the hero.

On a separate note, banners for big events like Halloween and Winterfest quickly cloud up the side of the screen with redundant updates. If an event is particularly complex, add a link that takes you to the forum, and explain boosts there, but don't have an entire page to say one fact. I'll admit this one is more of a pet peeve, but it is honestly confusing trying to understand the mechanics of a new event when there are 10 separate banners up, some with three pages, and some with all different timers. It would help a lot if you all could look into an easier way to roll out this info, or refine the system you have in place already.
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