That must be a mistake

Hey everyone, i checked my battle log in my dungeon because i saw i lost some battles and wanted to see how my team defends...
Than i noticed in one of the battles i lost that guy who attacked me had a wierd team with low rated heroes so i checked the battle log and it showed that i have not taken down any of his heroes and i lost the raid (watch the pictures below)... so i watched the video and i saw that i actually won the raid and that i lost non of my heroes durring the attack (you can see a screenshot from the end of the battle below).

I lost 20 trophies and some gold which does not bother me, but i'm thinking perhaps this is not the first time it happened to me. I don't usually check battle logs so maybe it happened before and i have not noticed...

Can someone please explain?


  • People cheat.
  • MaxBeamer wrote: »
    People cheat.

    How? And i think i should get my stolen trophies back? Who can I contact with? @Joel ?
  • This is a fairly common occurrence. DB “won’t discuss cheating”, but we all know it’s people cheating. Why they haven’t fixed whatever the exploit is that’s been used for like a year now is a good question.

    They won’t give you anything normally. If you complain a lot to their customer service, you might get a couple raid tickets or something.
  • Good to know the game supports its players besides taking all their money... 😒
  • The good news is that once they realize that someone is cheating they will warn/suspend(spenders) or ban(non-spenders) their accounts.
  • Don't post on forum. Send a private message to the devs so they can catch the cheater and ban them. If you post on the forum, you are also warning the cheater to temporarily hide his activity.
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