Level 75 Resource dungeons? (Gold/Xp)

Does anyone else feel like we might be needing a higher level dungeon to farm gold and XP pots? I have recently hit level 80, and although I am still managing to max out heroes at a relatively good pace, I feel like a higher tier dungeon for these could really help the players that are level 75 and above.

I'll also add on that the current max dungeons we have for these resources are getting quite monotinous to run every day. Switching up team composition helps break the cycle, but a new dungeon to run (one that actually makes you use your team and not auto-attack) would be a pretty fun addition to the game.


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    Why? Gold and Pots can be purchased in the shop. You now don’t have to spend on loot keys.
  • @bvs72 i mean in the sense that since they recapped the max level to 80, they haven't updated the resource dungeons to compensate for the 10 extra levels.
  • If you do the tower every day, buy the gold in the honor shop every day, buy the Xp potions in the regular shop every day, and run all the gold and Xp island dungeons every day you will be caught up quickly. If you had been doing this while you were getting to level 80 you would have more gold and xp potions than you know what to do with.
  • @MaxBeamer definitely doing all of those things! Would be nice to have a new dungeon to run is all. As much as I love quick looting my way to victory, i also love getting to use all the characters i'm maxing out ;p
  • I get wanting something new to do, but I play two accounts - one level 76 and one level 70 and I do all the things that I said and now I have an over abundance of gold and Xp potions. So if there are days that I don’t want to run those island dungeons then I don’t have to. If they did add a higher tier to those island dungeons, in two weeks time they would feel just as old as the others and they are really not needed imo.
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    One can never have too much gold.
  • No they can’t.

  • I’m sure Victoria will return and want me.
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    bvs72 wrote: »

  • Are you calling Victoria a gold digger?
  • MaxBeamer wrote: »
    Are you calling Victoria a gold digger?

    Of course. What other chance do I have?

  • These are insane amounts of gold! Do you guys work on maxing out every hero in the roster or do you mainly focus on a few and let the others sit at low levels?
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