Build Your Own Jerry in the Build A Jerr Workshop!

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He's here, he's ready for battle, and he's surprisingly versatile! It's time to build your own Jerry!

This is an all-new event that focuses on an unassuming villager who is no longer content with being an escort quest NPC. Through rigorous training, Jerry has learned to use some of the best abilities in the game, and he's ready to take on the world!

How does this crazy thing work?!
  • In this event, you will be able to create a Jerry for each class (Healer, Rogue, Tank, Caster, and Tank). You can have all five different Jerrys in your collection at the same time and can bring as many as you want into battle.
  • It costs 5,000 event tickets for every Jerry ascension built (this includes unlocking him and giving him his first ascension attack and passives).
  • When you go to create a Jerry, you will get three of five possible options for an attack and two passives per ascension. The five potential options will NOT change throughout the event.
  • You will not be able to see your potential second ascension options until Jerry is unlocked and his first ascension abilities/passives are set. Similarly, you will not be able to see your potential third ascension options until Jerry's second ascension abilities/passives are set.
  • You are given 15,000 event tickets at the start of the event, and can find more in campaign dungeons and earn them from quests. Tickets are not found in shiny objects, and quick-looting dungeons will pay out the same amount of tickets as running a dungeon manually.
  • After creating a Jerry, you can rebuild him at any time. When you rebuild, your three options for every attack and passive will be re-randomized.
  • You can view the options that you will have for the first ascension for a potential rebuilt Jerry without having to pay 5,000 tickets. You will not lose your current Jerry until you confirm the first ascension of your rebuild.
  • Jerry's level and the levels of all his abilities are automatically set to your player level.
  • All of Jerry's forms start with 3 stars. Tokens can be bought in the event shop using tickets or as an IAP. Stars will NOT reset with rebuilds!
  • This event's leaderboards are based on the number of raids you win with Jerrys on your team. There are leaderboards for each class that you compete in as an individual, and a leaderboard for ALL victories with Jerry that you compete in with your guild. On the guild leaderboard, you get a point for each Jerry on your team when you win a raid. This means you can earn up to 4 points per victory if you have an all-Jerry team.

All Jerry tokens will go away at the end of this event. Jerry is an event-only hero who goes where the wind takes him, so at the end of this event, he will be returning to his solo adventuring career and will be removed from you collection. It is possible that we will run this type of event in the future, possibly with different ability and passive options, but if we do, Jerry will return without the tokens you obtained during this event. We have been sure to message this as clearly as possible on all shop offers that include Jerry tokens. All runes and blessings equipped to Jerry will be automatically returned to your inventory at the end of the event.
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  • wagdoggwagdogg Member
    edited December 2018
  • WOWEE!!!

    That must be a world record.. I had to scroll across 875 event shop purchases to see what I could actually buy with my event tickets.
    The Potato Army
  • I will say that I like the functionality when you build Jerry.

    Anyway, this is gonna be interesting to document to the wiki.
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  • So getting Jerry past 3 stars is pointless then???
  • ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha aha ha ha ha ha ...
  • Yeah... this event is a hard pass for me.

    A really cool idea ruined by $
  • Currently in the event shop, there are 11 items that can be bought with event tickets and and 14 that can be bought with actual $.

    Another event where nobody in my guild will participate due to the ridiculous P2P.

    Its insane how quickly people are quitting the game (and the lack of care from higher ups).

    I remember my entire guild playing out the first Raven Invasion PvP event, trying our brains out only to land above Top 50. Yet, in the last Raven Invasion, we hit Top 50 with only 10 players having trophy counts over 1000, and the rest barely playing at all.
  • I think everyone is judging too quickly. It’s clearly not pay to win, as no one would pay for this stuff. While I do think that the payed stuff could do better, it’s actually for the opposite reason this time. It doesn’t do enough for how much it costs.

    A really great event. I like the passives you gave him. Stuff that’s not weak, but no combinations that are gamebreaking.
  • sirtainlysirtainly Member
    edited December 2018
    Nice idea building your own hero - but - I hope you ran the shop descriptions past your lawyers.

    Paying for items that "go away" at the end of the event? Your company has guts, trying this after a history and conventional expectation of permanent purchases.

    "6 star unlocks expire at event end"
    "tokens go away at event end"

    Both of these do not explicitly state that the hero goes away forever at event end, in my mind an important element. Also, the second one could be misread to mean "unused tokens expire at event end". I understand that from a dev point of view this is "fun with hero creation" but if people lay down real $$$ only to find out they're fiddling with a hero that's going to disappear, they might feel "fooled".

    Another way to look at it - users would not be "purchasing" the tokens or unlocks, they'd be "renting" them. Or, they're "purchasing a 4 day use."

    "NOTE: both this 6 star unlock and the hero go away at event end."
    "NOTE: both these tokens and the hero go away at event end."

    I wish you luck with this. Judging by the ever increasing ticket costs of materials in the shop, there's nothing for me in this event. I'd rather farm the mats. I might piddle with the creation as I do my dailies but that's probably it, unless my guild or guild family advises me otherwise.
  • MonkeyHunterMonkeyHunter Member
    edited December 2018
    @Swordking35 the only shop item worth anything is the $10 unlimited PvP. If you are willing to put in the time and not many people buy the offer this will GAURANTEE you 10 elite runes including 5 Elite DP runes.

    I am only interested in the top 25 rewards and
    unlike you, I do not have faith in the player base to not buy this deal.

    I’ll be watching the leaderboards and using my free raids but will not use gems to refresh.
  • On second look after wading through all the shop items the event idea actually looks good.

    A shame they have to ram all the deals down your throat to take the shine off it.
    The Potato Army
  • The novelty of a "build-your-own-hero" event sounds like fun. However, I am honestly having difficulty finding a reason to participate.

    This seems to be the event description in a nutshell:
    -Earn tickets via event quests and dungeon that you can...
    -Buy Jerry tokens to increase your PvP that after the event...
    -You are left with nothing to show for your participation (see below)

    What Do You Get From the Event?
    -Jerry Hero?...Nope, Gone
    -Jerry Tokens?...Nope, Gone
    -Runes purchased in Event Shop?...Nope, None Exist
    -Tokens for Permanent Heroes purchased in Event Shop?...Nope, None Exist
    -Valuable Runes earned via Event Leaderboards?...Nope, None Exist unless finish in top 10 (guild) or top 25 (individual)
    -Other Valuable Items earned via Event Leaderboards?...Nope, None Exist


    What am I missing?
  • Wasi wrote: »
    On second look after wading through all the shop items the event idea actually looks good.

    A shame they have to ram all the deals down your throat to take the shine off it.

    @Wasi - what did you find to change your mind?

    Thanks :)

  • Just the idea of building your own hero(s) and selecting what traits they have is a cool concept... although if they fixed the E/M/H issue in PvP would be better.
    The Potato Army
  • At least with this event you can stock up on loot keys. You can get a bunch during this event.
  • I'm personally loving this event for the team building opportunities and seeing just what crazy combinations of stuff wouldn't work normally, a Jerry that resurrects not only himself but all his allies AND makes them attack after him? That's awesome
  • Jerry... The greatest hero.. Now he has come to let you manipulate his life however you want! Don't be too cruel to poor little Jerry. He doesn't deserve it. He just wants to help you.
    He was chill, never lost his cool, always won because frost bites.
  • Joel wrote: »
    . Through rigorous training, Jerry has learned to use some of the best abilities in the game, and he's ready to take on the world!

    .... Jerry is an event-only hero who goes where the wind takes him,

    seems to me he hasn't been training too well if he's blown about by the wind....
  • How many people are going to spend $100?
    More than you will imagine. It is sad really.
    It’s clearly not pay to win, as no one would pay for this stuff.
    Tons of people will pay for this stuff. see above for how sad it is.

    I have already been attacked by a 4 star rogue Jerry. People will pay for anything to win. Win at any cost. DB knows this.

    will take a pass on this event like the last 5 events.

  • Com'on people. I used to be able to rely on the forum to keep me entertained when avoiding playing tedious pointless p2w events.
  • Seriously - second stage on each Jerry quest is equip 5 runes. I've already equipped runes and you want me to unequip and reequip just to advance the quest? I'm beyond caring about this event after a few minutes fiddling with my Jerries, but it's like you are systematically trying to dismantle any motivation to play this game.
  • I don't know what to say about...this event.. trust me, this is a great idea, custom heros! but.. not able to keep them or keep the items you buy? that sucks
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  • People will really be mad when the runes they put on Jerry poof too lol. Can't even play because it guves me random error codes. Great event. A real winner xD
  • This is a fun & different event, thanks, but there's a big problem with balance on the leaderboards. At level 65, for example, a user is competing with everyone (including levels 70-80) but the rewards are much less than what a user at level 70 gets. (At 65 I need top 5 for a superior rune, top 50 for greater rune). This is really out of balance; please either match the awards across levels, or introduce separate leaderboards based on level (as was done for the Thanksgiving event).

    A similar point for guild awards — at level 65 I'll receive much lower quality rewards than my guild mates who are just a few levels higher, despite making the same or more contribution. Please fix awards so we all get the nice stuff, as has been the norm for other recent events. Thanks!
  • @RyeChus That little bug cost me 2 million in gold and that's worth more than any of the prizes. There is NOTHING good to spend tokens on, so they want me to spend them on 100 Tank Jerry tokens so that he's infinitesimally more useful in PvP?! Could have been a fun event but the rewards are dismal.
  • @PsychedelicFox I bet you’re right with Jerry’s runes disappearing. Thanks for posting. I’ll be sure to strip him before event’s end.
  • We should be able to keep a Jerry. How can you let the players create something of their own to take it away? How cruel. I love my armored healing caster that can also reincarnate and grows like a plant every turn.
  • I looked. The runes, blessings, everything except tickets are given back.
    He was chill, never lost his cool, always won because frost bites.
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