Leonidus doesn't burn Zomm's corpses

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apologies if this has already been mentioned and also if I'm missing any obvious points which I'm sure I am, but I've looked on here for a while and couldn't find other posts on this. . .

What's the point in Leonidus being able to burn corpses if Zomm can bring them back as Zomminions anyway? This seems like a massive oversight, the only people not bothered by this are (unsurprisingly) Zomm users. Zomm is powerful enough as it is, and there aren't many situations where burning the corpses are beneficial, the fact that Zomm conjures up his zombies out of thin air renders Leonidus' most appealing abilities useless. I just acquired Zomm but out of principle I won't be using him for now because of this.

Has anyone noticed this? Or is it that no one is bothered? Thanks for reading, hope it's not just me that's bothered by this!


  • Zomm has always been able to fill empty slots. Even ones stomped by bunny. What I would like to know is will Zomm put a Zomminion in the position of a banished hero? What would happen when the banished hero returns. Will he eat the Zomminion? Whatever happens I am sure it was intended.
  • good point. A banished hero should have the same properties as an incinerated one? And surely the fact that he can make Zomminions out of thin air negates the usefulness of such an ability. I don't know, I'm sure the developers know what they're doing. And I know there are other benefits to burning corpses (Pontifex). Am wondering now if Zomm can zombify heroes slain by Phenol too? Time to do a bit of research I suppose. Appreciate the responses.
  • In this case your principles are hurting you. Go ahead and use Zomm, he’s way more fun than Leo.
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    beside the point, but yep will probably gravitate towards him. It.
  • bvs72 I've just realised 'empty slots' would obviously include Phenol, my bad.
  • The gimmick with Lord Zomms zomminions, is that if there is a corpse where a hero once was, a zomminion will rise as the respective class of the dead hero (I.e. dead rogue = rogue zomminion & vice versa.) however, if a corpse is removed, a zomminion will still rise, but as a random class, which could be a caster, rogue, tank, warrior or even a healer.
    Total Zomminionation.
  • ah I see. But I still don't see how he can make the Zomminion out of nothing? Conjures them? That was my main complaint. Never mind :)
  • they're zombies. Those dungeons have lots of corpses sitting underground.

  • If the enemy is feared the same thing happens that @Apocalyptus said. Random class. But I can't complain, because I'm a Zomm user myself. But it is weird.
    He was chill, never lost his cool, always won because frost bites.
  • The number of undead zomminions is also based on how many heroes you enter with alongside Lord Zomm, up to a maximum of 3.
    Total Zomminionation.
  • I've been using Zomm and he's not bad, the 'Zomminions out of thin air' still seems weird but tbh it wouldn't leave Zomm with much if that particular ability was taken away :/. So yes. Handy against the likes of Solaris too.
  • Even if it seems OP, you could hardly ask for a nerf. Balance is made around PVP since that's really where unfairness comes from. Zomm is hardly hanging on in PVP.
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