Some Assistance with Currrent PvP Meta - Please

I had been doing well in PvP but a couple of recent game changes have led to new challenges. Can anyone tell me how they are dealing with the following types of PvP opponents:

(1) Barbarians + 1 (e.g., Shade):
I used to do very well against these teams with my own team comprised of GT, Emily, Ferno, and Agnon. However, since DB recently changed Emily to be impervious, things have gotten much more difficult. Emily now gets silenced by Balog and cannot remove silence from Ferno for several rounds. By then, my team is toast.

(2) Dwarves + Jin Sol:
I was also doing very well against these teams (e.g., Valkin, Emily, Therand, and Dagrund) before Jin Sol with a team comprised of Kai, Abigail, Hagrim, and Valkin. However, that does not work now that Jin Sol is included in the enemy team. He silences all of my heroes before they can do anything. I believe that Dagrund can remove the silence when it is his turn - but by then all of my fast heroes have gone and I am dead meat.

This Jin Sol issue is also relevant to many other enemy teams as he is clearly a key part of the current meta.

Thank you in advance for your assistance :)


  • You’re not going to like the answer unless you have a metric crapton of festive runes...
  • @MonkeyHunter - lay it on me. I have about 10-15 energy runes :)
  • @PugsOfWar I appreciate the shoutouts but I think you mean @Monkeynuts
  • Too many **** Monkeys in this barrel.
  • @PugsOfWar I appreciate the shoutouts but I think you mean @Monkeynuts

    Hah. That is pretty funny. I was typing on my phone and was not paying attention to the forum name autocorrect.

    Consider that a preemptive thanks...for the next time you lend a hand :)

    @Monkeynuts - forgive my error. I am a scientist and we take proper reference citations very seriously :)
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    edited December 2018
    I’m not a monkey ballsack, but I taught him everything he knows about non-primate-testicle gameplay.

    Load zen and valkin up with festives. Use zen’s 3rd ability to speed up and haste valkin. Then use valkin’s 2nd and 1st to buff whole team’s attack and give them all haste. Use therand (preferably with shield piercing rune) to mop up. Last team member depends on matchup, but craw and panda are popular choices.
  • OUCH!!!
    Serve and be happy, citizen. The Computer is your friend!

  • Thanks @Skip_Holmes I’ll give that a shot ;)
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