We started Winterfest with a free gold key, right?

Did we start this event with 1 free bronze, silver and gold key? I seem to remember that being the case in past years.


  • Yes
  • MaxBeamer wrote: »

    I was just checking, because I received a BossMail that I'd be getting an extra gold key yesterday, but only have one, and have only used bronze keys so far.

    Wanted to confirm before I submit to support.
  • Yesterday’s key was from the daily quest.
  • Oh I see, that little key with the Day 8 quests is a gold one! I've got 7 more little wrapped boxes to kick open before I get it...
  • Yeah, they basically devalued VIP again whith that one. Starting to think VIP stands for VIrtual Peso.
    Serve and be happy, citizen. The Computer is your friend!

  • I think they are trying to devolve VIP into "this is the only way you can get quick loot keys. There is no other way to get them"
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