Jingle Pass Door vs Regular Doors Blatant Scam

For those of you who weren't aware, the paywalled Jingle Pass Doors are almost EXACTLY what we had for free in previous Winterfest doors.

So not only do you have to pay for access to these doors, you also have to grind wreaths to earn keys. You can't even pay to instantly get rewards, which is a new low even for our Bossfight and Bigfish EA corporate heads.

Happy Holidays!

P.S. Waiting on the day that these corrupt higher ups commit not alive. As a student with a minor in game dev, I can't imagine how much the actual game devs cry at night, watching their game slowly become less than the toilet paper you'd use after a buffet.


  • and here we all thought big fish was the problem wrt p2w
  • Didn’t Bigfish leave the game?
  • Bossfight left Big Fish
  • Not only that they put the new hero tokens behind a paywalls and a 60k price tag for a 1 star hero, whete in the past we wete able to come out with at least a 3 ot 4 star new hero without paying real cash.

    yea merry Christmas indeed, this game is just getting worse, and worse, and worse.

    I've never hated a dev team as much as this regime, they are ruining what was once easily my fav mobile game of all time, thanks guys.

    *finger guns*
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