Grand Theft Potato?


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    Sorry but I like your earlier work better. Even though Vice City is one of my favorite video games ever. I am not down diddy down diddy down diddy down down down with this.
  • @MaxBeamer - I always appreciate the feedback... i will admit, many of my recruiting themes miss the mark. It's hard to find the perfect mix... especially when I am the only person who likes the game anymore.

    One thing to consider is I dont like the music in the game. So when I play I use spotify or sound cloud. I mute the music and sound effects... I also like cars.

    Since GTA has both music and cars it seemed a good fit. Perhaps I should rethink it... If it makes you feel better, it's more popular than my Wu Tang theme. PA was kung fu themed for the Jin Lei release.

    I dont spend a lot of money on the game. I just kinda goof off these days. I play for fun with a great guild family. When I do an add, it's a mixing of hobbies of sorts. I've done many videos that never made it to forums.
    Just another nerd in the herd!
  • Potato army will fall one day.
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  • They fall all the time. I think it’s because they have no legs.h4d5ae85afdb.png
  • All Empires eventually fall into ruin, but until then, we'll enjoy the ride/game. :)
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    Just another nerd in the herd!
  • Just another nerd in the herd!
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