Restoration of Account

To whom it may concern;

I have written to the support team and its more than a day without any response on the progress or a short update from the team. I have spend consideration amount of money on my purchases.

I have provide screen shot of my account, On screen name, all receipt of purchase and also ID.

Can i at least have a feedback from the team? This is driving me crazy....sigh


  • It has been 4 days and NO REPLY or RESPOND from the management! This is totally unacceptable! Can i filed for a total refund? they just dont give a **** man!
  • If you have not gotten any response from customer support ... you may have an old/ incorrect link
    There have been changes and maybe that's why you have not gotten any response least you should have gotten a response from cs with a support number.

    Please look through your spam folder.

    If you still have no response, try again to send an Email ( i normally have 1st response after a few minutes)
  • I sent one for the hell of it because the suggestion of turning off google ads allowed me to login for whatever reason but now I have a blank account even after logging in with my google account. Fix me so i can kill some time in this meaningless existence @Joel
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