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@Joel Hi ! I had some bugs after today's reset. I got my dailies rewards 30minutes before the normal reset then I tried to do my tower and it didnt reset and when I click the icon, a window appears informing that I have to wait 24 hours. (was 15min before reset wtf!) Ok it's frustrating but I decided to do my island dungeons; they are not reset either! In addition, my purchases in the shop as my stamina , pvp tokens and my heroes tokens from the campaign are not reset too!

In conclusion, nothing is reset. I only had my keys and daily gifts. My dailies quests are ok but can't complete because of the tower...

I submitted a request about it but I wanted to know if there were other people in this situation and if this problem was going to be solved today...Thank in advance!


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    Happened to me a couple days ago. Its been a bug for several years. They usually tell you that you can submit a ticket if you are so inclined
  • It happens roughly once a year to every account. I suspect that this happens the first time you are logged in at your midnight reset after daylight savings ends (or begins, not sure), but I never saw a response from the devs on this. I actually proved my theory this year by purposely triggering the missed reset when I knew I had a banked tower to do my crowns. (I stayed up until midnight about a week after "fall back" and triggered it on purpose. Just as I suspected, the reset did not happen that night).
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    ****..So I should stop waiting the reset every midnight lol
  • I never got an Answer for that..
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