Zulkodd's "Into the pit" and Leonidus' "Secret to Eternal Life"

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My team was Zulkodd, Malice, Nitpick and Jin Lei. Enemy team was Zomm, Leonidus, Solaris, Manglejaw.

First turn.
Zulkodd banishes Leonidus. For some reason (It should be banished Leonidus' turn) Maglejaw attacks and kills Nitpick. Malice kills Zomm. Panda uses his second skill.

Second turn.
Zulkodd banishes Solaris. Manglejaw attacks again. Malice kills Manglejaw. Then Manglejaw revives, Zomm revives, Solaris' ashes come back to the field.

If I understand game mechanics correctly when Maglejaw died, game registered that there is no hero alive on the battlefield and killed both Leonidus and Solaris who were banished. Then "Secret to Eternal Life" procced and resurrected both Zomm and MJ and Solaris came back to the field as ashes.

Should "on death" abilities activate when banished ? Why Manglejaw attacked on Leonidus' turn ?
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  • gmungmun Member
    Heroes in the pit still seem to take damage from aoe attacks, splash damage and such. So Leo can die while in the oit. Not sure if that's intended or not
  • bvs72bvs72 Member
    Of course it is intended until changed.
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    This ability is just super buggy all around. Had a solaris resurrect while "in the pit". Also seems as if they classify it as a debuff because it doesn't effect shrouded heroes and will only knock agnon out of his stone form, not actually banish him as I was hoping.

    edit: I've also had a few times where the enemy appeared to resist it. They took half damage but stayed in play. I had no explanation for it other than maybe it was resisted.
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