Slow Leveler looking for a guild

Hello everyone !

I'm a French engineer and a lvl 52 F2P Slow Leveler. I've been playing this game for 3 years with breaks but I still love it.

At my level, I have 104k trophies and 122k roster power which are only growing. My current objectives are to fully ascend and rune an undead and a dwarf team which I'll do on my own but I'm also interested in getting feedback on my tactics. And since I feel like this forum is dead, I'm looking for an active guild that have a WhatsApp chat or something similar !

Have a nice day,

ElFantoM (IG name)


  • The Potato Family is always recruiting.

    We have 11 different guilds to choose from. Many active chats on the LINE app that are topic specific. We chat about anything from PVE to PVP, runes, game issues, and more...

    Download the LINE app. Add one of the following on LINE and message them to apply for membership:

    Karma118, B666

    If you do not wish to download the LINE app, you can always friend B666 or Davemassive in game and email them via Dungeon Boss email to join also.

    Have a great day!
    Just another nerd in the herd!
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