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Okay, where do I even start? Me and Dungeon Boss go way back. One of my favourite games for years. I came backrecently and the first thing that came to mind was : What happened? All the nerfs, buffs, it just sucks. I played the game way before celestial evos were a thing. I remember when Ignus the Mad's ability was a wall of fire, I remember way back when it was Igorok had the highest attack and defence in the game, good times. But now, Executum's main ability makes him useless as a champion, Masuta Kirai's PvP nerfs carried over to campaign making him absolute trash, and come on, Executum has been around for years and HE STILL DOESN'T HAVE AN EPIC! Just, fever your mistakes, make it fun again, at least up celestial ego drop rates and make it possible to squire them from quick looting. That's a start. If they already are, buff up the drop rates, and PLEASE REVERT SOME OT THE NERFS ON THE MASUTA KIRAI! (I actually can't remember his name but you know who I'm talking about, the yellow ninja with death blossom) And make is "not so deadly anymore" death blossom deadly again! I could keep going, but I wanna see what other people want, and see if you guys at boss fight entertainment can manage with my complaints and points. That's all for now, see you when the issues are fixed, or if I find more things I ont quite like. So quick recap : rework Executum (and by that I mean fix the lag on good strike and mak it his primary ability again, maybe give him an epic to make him special because Augustus has one, and he looks the same, so make Executum an epic), revert some nerfs on death blossom guy, and rework celestial evo drop rates. Cya!


  • Ududu2Ududu2 Member
    even if masuta was reverted to how he was before he probably still wouldn't be all that great now what with how powerful dwarves, Emily, barbarians, zulkodd, Jin Lei and other heros are now he might get lucky enough to survive 2 rounds
  • gmungmun Member
    They have the evo boost event almost every week. Try to get your evos then. You can also buy them in the tower store.
  • bvs72bvs72 Member
    I remember when I was happy to spend money to support the game.
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