Changing Crown Tourney Reward tokens

@Joel Are there still plans to regularly rotate the tokens included in the weekly crown tourney rewards? @xtmn8r mentioned in a December summit that switching out Hagrim tokens was on the radar for the new year. Can you give us a general timeline if not an specific date when we might see this?

Understanding that some players don’t have Hagrim at 6stars, the request (which has been brought up before with community support) is to switch out the tokens but still go back to Hagrim tokens some weeks too.

Please be sure to keep the crown reward tokens at the Gold Aether level (25 aether) or above. For players with the hero already at 6stars, getting less aether in the weekly rewards would be disappointing



  • I agree. Any ideas ? I’d like to see jibber craw or panda but they are all kinda new
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